Word Of God

 We value the word of God as the inspired document that teaches us, transform us, and guides our faith in the Lord. 

Praise and Worship

 We believe in giving God all the glory through our adoration and praise for his grace, blessing, and purposes in our lives and church.


 We believe it is our Christian duty to pray for forgiveness our sins, and seek God purpose for his ministry, our lives, and church. 


 We believe the Lord commissioned the church to make disciples in every area he leads us before the second coming of Christ. 


 We believe the Lord has called the church to serve him through different spiritual gifts that reach people and help them grow in their faith. 


 We believe the Bible taught that the church is to remain in unity through a fellowship of believers. We honor this through small, groups, and ministries that bring us together as the body of Christ. 

Community Outreach

 We believe we are to follow Jesus’s example by serving people in the community through outreach activities such as food ministries, educational programs, and health care.


 We believe God has called us to serve him in excellence through teamwork, proper planning, and ministries that attract others to Christ.