Volunteer Service


                                                   Every theatrical production has two groups working together to produce a flawless and meaningful event for its targeted audience. The first is the cast onstage whose role is to convey the play’s message to the audience. The second group operates backstage behind the scenes to support what is taking place onstage. All the lights, sound, set design, costumes and other necessary items combine to help express the onstage message more clearly. 

Without backstage support, those onstage would be unable to effectively accomplish their mission. Similarly, the Shepherd’s staff are committed people our Doctor and First Lady lean on to support the ministry through volunteer service. The Shepherd’s staff works diligently behind the scenes to help spread the Gospel message worldwide. Whatever the task, small or great, all Professional Ministry Technicians labor together to create a total worship experience that is unique, inspiring and life changing.
The Shepherd’s Staff… saved to serve and support the vision of Bethel Evangelical Baptist Church. 

Vision of the Volunteer Ministry
To provide world class volunteer service that is anointed by the Holy Spirit with the flexibility to minister to all who enter the Bethel Church, Conferences and Associations, regardless of ethnicity or social class.

Mission of the Volunteer Ministry
Connecting the call to serve where God is molding clay vessels to do extraordinary works in an environment without limits.